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I'm an entrepreneur, musician, and geek.

As an entrepreneur and geek, I've been doing business online since 1992. I'm the founder of CEcity, Palm Blvd, PDAStreet - The PDA Network (now part of ITBusinessEdge), Smartphone Blast, Vanagon Hacks,,, The Finale Forum, Sibelius Forum, among others.

As a composer, pianist, and musician, I have over 50 choral, instrumental, and piano works in publication. I've also been known to do some music engraving for hire, and played a bit of piano in my time. Here is my listing on

These days I'm an investor always looking for a new project.

You can check out @scottoyer on Twitter. If you know me, you can check out my blog, interests, or contact me. If you really want to, you can pay me here.

I use PGP for securing my email. If you want to send me encrypted email you can view my public key, download and import it. You can also contact me on Threema.

Thanks for stopping by.